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Which HP Ink & Toner Cartridges Should I Buy?

HP Printer Ink vs. HP Toner Cartridges

Buying HP ink or toner cartridges depends on what kind of printer you use. HP inks work with HP inkjet printers, while HP toner cartridges for HP laser printers. Since HP ink is liquid, but HP toner is powder, we can tell them apart via appearance. However, you may confuse ink and toner cartridge in daily life. For example, someone may call HP CF289A as CF289A ink or CF289A toner. Actually, HP CF289A is a toner cartridge for HP laser printer. It doesn’t matter for users as long as the product model “CF289A” is correct. So, it’s vital to find out what ink or toner cartridge model is compatible with your printer.

Original HP vs. Compatible HP

HP ink and toner cartridges can produced by original HP or other 3-rd party manufacturers. Compared with original HP, compatible HP toner cartridges cost less. In the past few years, many reliable, compatible HP toner cartridge manufacturers have improved production technology to ensure printing quality. True Image is one of these compatible HP toner suppliers who aim to provide cheap HP ink & toner cartridge replacements of original quality. Besides, compatible HP toner cartridges won’t cause damage to your printer or void printer warranty. You can choose whatever compatible HP toner cartridges you need to print confidently. Kindly enter your product model in the search box at the top of page. Or you can contact our professional customer service team if you need help.

FAQs About HP Ink & Toner Cartridges

Can I Print If One HP Cartridge Is Empty?

Whether it can print with one empty HP cartridge may vary from different printer and toner cartridge models. In most cases, if one HP cartridge is empty or low on ink, printer may print continually. However, the quality of the printout may be affected, and some features may not be available. If you need to print urgently, but there is no toner cartridge replacement at the side, you can ignore the printer's prompt to continue printing. If it doesn't allow you to continue printing, it means you must replace a new toner cartridge.

Can I Refill HP Toner Cartridges?

Theoretically, you can refill your HP toner cartridges manually. However, from the perspective of technology and environmental protection, we do not recommend you do so. Most of the existing HP toner cartridges are integrated. Most customers would like to replace the empty HP toner cartridge with a new one. If you want to try to refill HP toner cartridges, you need to prepare related tools and materials (toner powder). And it would help if you were very careful in the process of refill. Otherwise, it is easy to leak toner powder. It is difficult to clean once the toner powder is spilled on the printer, table or floor. Instead of refilling manually, buying cheap and high-quality HP toner cartridge replacements from True Image saves you money and time.

Can I Cancel HP Instant Ink?

Yes, you can cancel enrollment in HP Instant Ink at any time. HP instant ink is a subscription-based service available for many HP printers. Customers can choose a paid HP plan after setting up. In the event that the toner level is low, HP officials will automatically send new instant ink in advance. However, to make HP Instant Ink work, you must make sure the printer is linked to the network. This has caused many users to suffer, and we have also received many requests from customers for help. If you want to cancel HP instant ink, you can do as follows:

  • Go to the HP Instant Ink and log in to your account.
  • Find your printer in the Status area of the HP Instant Ink account page.
  • Access to Account Settings in My Account.
  • Click Cancel my HP Instant Ink Subscription.

Additionally, please check the email confirmation of the cancellation in your email inbox. Upon successful processing of the current billing cycle, the HP Instant Ink cancellation is completed.