Compatible HP CF259X Toner Cartridges With Chip

Page Yield: 10,000

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Compatible HP CF259X Toner Cartridges With Chip Description

Nowadays, more and more people choose compatible HP 59X toner cartridges instead of original laserjet cartridges. That's because the original HP toner cartridges are too expensive. Therefore, the compatible toner is designed to replace the original toner as a more cost-effective toner cartridge.

Benefits Of Choosing HP 259X Toner Cartridges

Professional Quality

We have years of experience working with high-quality 259X 59X toner cartridges manufacturers. Professional staff strictly controls each process, and each HP CF259X 59X cartridge toner follows ISO standards. Therefore, we can guarantee that the toner you receive will have high-quality prints. In addition, you can see many other users' positive comments about our 259X 59X toner cartridges. All of their comments are true and objective. This is the best proof that our toner cartridges are of high quality.

High Yield

The compatible HP 59X high yield black is 10,000 pages same as the HP 59X high yield black original. Whether you use it for study or office, the CF259X toner is enough to last long. You don't need to worry about the shelf life. Our compatible toner cartridges have a shelf life of 24-36 month. So, you can buy more and save them.


Our compatible HP 59X toner is half the price of the original toner cartridge, but our quality is as good as the quality of the original. The CF259X cartridge is a complete product; you don't need to configure the chip and buy other toner components. It can save you money and time!

Good Compatibility

The HP 259X cartridge compatibility is so good that it can be used with the original toner cartridges or other toner cartridges. Also, the compatible HP 259X oner is equipped with an IC chip that allows your printer to recognize it very easily. Just install it directly into your printer, and it will work fine!

Frequent Asked About HP 259X

What's The Difference Between HP 259X And HP 259A?

The CF259X is a larger set of the HP 259A. The 259X black toner cartridges can print 10,000 pages, and the HP 259A black cartridge only prints 3,000 pages. The 259X black cartridge is designed for the companies that print a lot of pages; it has a higher page count and a higher price. But in the long run, it is a very low cost per page to print. If you are using in a company or a school with a very high printing demand, we recommend ordering more than one because we get a better deal the more you buy. The HP 259A Toner cartridges are designed for business offices or personal study. They have a standard page yield at a favorable price. If you are using in a business with low printing needs or an individual buyer, we suggest you purchase the HP 259A.

What's The Difference Between With Chip And No Chip?

The HP CF259X toner cartridges with the chip are a complete product. You don't need to worry about complicated chip installation; just plug it directly into the printer, and it's ready to go. It has the advantage of being easy to use but will be a bit more expensive because the chips cost money to make. The HP CF259X toner cartridges with no chip cost less. You can remove the chip from the original or used toner cartridge and install it in a new one. It does not affect the normal use of the printer. You can choose which one to buy depending on your situation.

What Printer Models Are Suitable For HP 59X?

The compatible CF259X toner cartridges are suiable for laserjet Pro MFP M428fdw, M428dw, M428fdn, M304dn, M304n, M404dw, M404dn, M404n, M428 M404, and M304. It is very versatile and can be used with a wide range of printer models. No matter which of the above models your printer is, the CF259X toner cartridges can adapt it perfectly.

Is It Safe To Pay For HP 259X With A Credit Card?

Yes, it is very safe to pay with a credit card. We only use your personal information for shipping, so please believe that we will never disclose your personal information. We are a formal company that has been in business for decades. It is our obligation to comply with the law and protect your personal information. So you can pay with confidence!

How Do You Distinguish Between Toner and Ink?

Many people cannot distinguish between toner and ink. Actually, toner and ink are two different kinds of printer supplies.

1. They differ in appearance.

Toner cartridges are always bigger than ink cartridges. The CF259X toner cartridges are long and rectangular, while the ink is usually as small as a matchbox.

2. They are used in different printer.

Compatible and original laserjet toner cartridge is used in laser printers, while ink is used in inkjet printers. Laser printers are mainly used in corporate offices to print meeting documents, promotional color pages, product manuals, and so on. Inkjet printers are mainly used in photo studios, printing societies, and other occasions with certain requirements for photo quality.

3. They perform differently.

Laser Canon printer uses toner. This type of machine prints fast, prints text of good quality, and is suitable for batch printing. Inkjet printers use ink. The biggest advantage of this machine is that the quality of printed photos is excellent. However, it is unsuitable for mass printing and is prone to problems such as clogged printheads, horizontal lines, and off-color printing.

How Do You Extend The Life Of The HP CF259X 59X Toner Cartridges?

Placing The HP 59X Toner Cartridges Correctly.

Some factors may affect the life of the toner cartridges. For example, too high a temperature can soften and clump the toner, which can affect print quality and even harm the printer. At the same time, when the toner is damp, it will lead to the phenomenon of unclear handwriting. So, toner should be stored in a ventilated and dry place.

Proper Cleaning Of The HP 259X Toner Cartridges.

When you replace the toner cartridges, there may be some leftover toner left on the printer. It won't last very long if you don't clean the remaining toner. So proper cleaning is very important to maintain high-quality printing. But remember not to blow in it with your hands or mouth as this is both dirty and dangerous. The right thing to do is Simply using a small brush to gently sweep away the remaining toner.

Do Not Continually Print High-Density Documents.

Continuously printing high-density documents can also shorten the life of the HP259X toner cartridges. You should give the printer a break. If you have a large number of print jobs at the same time, you can print them in batches.