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Why True Image?

True Image offers premium replacement cartridges for OKI Original Toners at significant savings. Each cartridge has been designed to support reliable, fast, high-volume printing according to OEM specifications. True Image premium cartridges are constructed with components specifically engineered to work with OKI printers and deliver crisp and sharp results to its user. All True Image products are protected with a Lifetime 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We guarantee a hassle-free experience when addressing any problems that might arise.

The incredibly saving on printing

Original consumables are ideal for your printers but also money-eater. Through a simple comparison, you will find out that, True Image OKI toner cartridge Replacement is more than 50% to 80% cheaper than the original ones. Such saving is vital for a small business with a medium Monthly printing capacity. The actual printing cost will erode your business profit secretly without control. So using quality compatible products is vital for success.

The quality we promise

True Image treats quality as our company life. As we believe, no quality no future. Weak products will damage the users' benefit and ruin the reputation of the supplier, leading to a lose-lose situation. No, that's not how business works! We are dedicated to building a long-lasting Brand of office supplies to offer continuous benefit to our clients.

We can promise the quality because the products are all from one of the top players in the printer aftermarket industry. The manufacturer gains the class-leading technologies not inferior to OKI. Because every OKI toner replacement here is perfectly formulated and made from the best raw materials, it presents the same performance in the machine as the genuine OKI toner. As a result, True Image toners deliver vivid and sharp printing quality, whether they are black toner cartridges or the color ones of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow.

Our partner factory has automatic production lines, which will lower the product's defective rate compared to others. The lower the defective rate, the more reliable the products. So the users will get a better printing experience with us to avoid the interruption by consumable error because of using inconsistent products. Such accidents will be horrible when vital documents are waiting to be printed for a crucial meeting, and there are no extra consumables in hand. Think about your boss' horrible eyes, and True Image will be your right choice.

About the page yield

Page yield is the number of printing pages OKI toner cartridges can produce, 5% coverage under international standards. True Image products offer the exact page yield as original ink toner. The toner powder in our OKI toner replacements crystallizes advanced technology and consists of premium quality material. Unlike many other compatible products, printing output from our products is stable and clear with sufficient numbers.

Thoughtful service

The customer service from True Image is thoughtful. We provide a straightforward 100% satisfaction guarantee when our clients shop on our site.

When you come to our pages, we serve you for any queries or needs. You can shoot a message in the chatbox below or call us directly. Also, you can write us an email as you wish. Any information from you is precious for us, and we will act as soon as possible to offer operable solutions.

With our navigation tools and personal guides, you will find the optimum toner cartridge for your OKI printers. Free shipping for a small amount is available in the USA's continental land when you make a deal. The dispatch time is fast to deliver the goods to your hands.

The warranty covers both the OKI cartridges and your OKI printers when you get the merchandise. How does it work? Free replacement will arrive at your door in a short time if any defective products. Also, we will offer a refund if you are not satisfied with our products, or your printers get damaged by our products. Never doubt, you can print with confidence when using our OKI toner cartridges.

Our service continues for old customers. We will send discount coupons by mail to offer endless benefits. But please do not worry about the safety of your privacy. We will never sell your personal information to others or use it for other purposes.