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Can I Use Brother Printer Toner Cartridges?

Yes, you can because both compatible and genuine Brother printer toner cartridges can work well with your Brother printer. Compared with genuine Brother printer toners, compatible Brother toner cartridges will be more affordable. Besides, using compatible Brother toner cartridges causes no damage to your printer, and won’t void your printer warranty. Trusted 3rd-party manufacturers, like True Image, will strictly control the production quality. All our products are produced according to the original standards so that users can shop with confidence.

FAQs About Brother Toner Cartridges

How To Find Which Brother Printer Toner Is Compatible?

Only the correct Brother toner model can make your Brother printer print without error. If you install an incompatible toner cartridge, your Brother printer can’t print or even be damaged. It’s important for Brother printer users to find which toner cartridges are compatible. To find compatible cartridges for your Brother printer, you should make sure your printer model is correct. Then, you can get the answer by searching online. Another way is to open your printer to access the toner container. The toner cartridge model will marked on the surface. Additionally, the printer supplier support and True Image service staff can help you out, so contact us if you need.

How Do l Check My Brother Printer Toner Level?

You can check the Brother printer toner level on the printer’s control panel. Generally, you can press the Menu button on the Control Panel to see the Print Settings. Please find the Supplies Information or Status options, which usually provide details about the toner level. Or you can install the Brother iPrint&Scan software on your computer, which will show the remaining toner level for each Brother cartridge. However, in case of specific instructions among different printers, you can refer to your printer manual.

When Should I Replace My Brother Printer Cartridges?

As the Brother toner cartridges will run out day by day, we need to replace them with new ones to maintain the printing quality. It will be time-saving to prepare a new one in advance. Here are some factors to consider when you replace Brother toner cartridges.

Brother printer error messages

In general, Brother printer will provide some error messages or warnings on the printer’s control panel or your computer. For example, a “Toner Low” error messages is shown by printer to remain you that the toner cartridges are going to run out. In this case, you should replace your Brother printer cartridges as soon as possible. The error “Replace Toner” means that your cartridges are empty, and you need to change a new one immediately.

Printing quality issues

It is time to replace the printer cartridges when you find a decline in printing quality, such as faded text, uneven printing lines, or streaks. Moreover, blank or partially printed pages may indicate that the toner is nearly depleted.

How To Store Brother Ink And Toner Cartridges?

Proper storage of Brother ink & toner cartridges is crucial to maintaining their quality and lifespan before you use them. Try to do as the following may help you.
Keep Brother ink or toner cartridges in original and sealed packaging before using them.
Place them in a dark, dry place to prevent exposure to light or heat.
Store them in a horizontal or upright place to avoid leakage.
Use before the expiry date to ensure optimal print quality.

ls Brother Toner Cartridge Cheaper than HP?

Both Brother and HP are popular printer supplies. However, the costs of toner cartridges can vary based on various factors, including toner cartridge manufacturers, printer models, cartridge type, colour, etc. Generally speaking, original Brother or HP cartridges will cost more than 3rd party suppliers. For the same cartridge model, the high-yield option will be priced higher than the standard-yield one. Before making a decision, you can check the current prices and discounts online for the specific printer models you are interested in. Besides, if you need some printer recommendations, you can contact True Image customer service for help.