Compatible Brother DR2400 Drum Unit

Page Yield: 12,000

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This product is guaranteed to work with below printers:

Brother HL

Brother DCP

Brother MFC

Compatible Brother DR2400 Drum Unit Description

This is a money-saving Brother DR2400 Drum Unit. A drum, also known as an imaging drum or unit, is the portion of the printer that transfers toner from the cartridge to the page. This monochrome drum unit is brand new and will replace your original Brother DR2400 unit at a fraction of the cost. With the same simple installation and perfect printing performance, it provides excellent value for money, with an equivalent yield of up to 12,000 pages. Order today and get swift shipping and our performance guarantee.

Merits Of True Image Compatible Brother DR2400 Drum Unit

1. Cost Savings:

Choosing a compatible Brother DR2400 drum unit has the potential for significant cost savings. Compatible units are generally priced more competitively than their OEM counterparts, making them more attractive for both individual users and businesses with budget constraints. The cost-effectiveness is especially beneficial for those with high-volume printing requirements, where expenses for consumables can add up quickly.

2. Environmental Impact:

Using compatible Brother DR2400 drum units can contribute to environmentally sustainable practices. By choosing these units, you will extend the life of their printers and reduce the need for premature disposal or replacement. The approach aligns with efforts to minimize electronic waste and promotes a more eco-friendly printing solution.

3. Ease of Installation:

Following the standard procedures outlined, you can effortlessly replace the old drum unit with the True Image compatible DR2400 unit. The installation process typically involves:

  • Open the printer.
  • Remove the existing drum unit.
  • Insert the True Image drum unit securely into place.

Clear and concise instructions provided by True Image ensure that every customer can complete the installation with ease.

4. Compatibility:

The term "compatible" underscores the assurance that our Brother DR2400 drum units are able to work seamlessly with specific printer models. It includes:
Brother HL-L2310D / HL-L2350DW / HL-L2370DN / HL-L2375DW;
Brother DCP-L2510D / DCP-L2530DW;
Brother MFC-L2710DN / MFC-L2710DW / MFC-L2730DW / MFC-L2750DW.

You can confidently select a compatible drum unit, knowing that it is a direct substitute for the OEM unit. We eliminate compatibility concerns and ensure a smooth integration into existing printing systems.

5. Reliability:

Rigorous testing processes are in place to guarantee reliability. True Image stands behind the reliability of its products, often providing warranties that further instill confidence in the durability and performance of its compatible drum units. You can expect dependable and satisfactory printing results while benefiting from the cost savings offered by True Image compatible Brother DR2400 drum units.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Compatible Brother DR2400 Drum Unit

1. How does the compatible Brother DR2400 Drum Unit differ from the original DR2400?

The compatible Brother DR2400 drum unit is a replacement designed for use in Brother laser printers and multifunction devices. It serves a crucial role in the printing process by facilitating the transfer of toner from the toner cartridge onto the paper, ultimately producing the final printed output. It is a third-party product that mimics the performance of the original DR2400. It is not an official Brother product, but it can offer similar printing quality. The main difference between the compatible and original Brother DR2400 Drum Units lies in their manufacturing and pricing. Our compatible unit is generally less expensive than the original unit due to the absence of official branding.

2. Can TN 2410&TN 2420 really match this same DR2400 drum unit?

Yes, the Brother TN2410 and TN2420 can used in the same OEM original equipment, and the only difference is their page yield. The TN2410 standard yield is 1200 pages, while the TN2420 high yield cartridge is 3000 pages. Therefore, they can match this same DR2400 drum unit with 12000 pages.

3. How does the compatible Brother DR2400 Drum Unit affect printing quality?

Our compatible Brother DR2400 is designed to provide printing quality similar to that of the genuine Brother units. It uses high-quality components to ensure printed documents have a professional and consistent look and feel. The drum assembly acts as a carrier for toner that is sent to the paper for imaging. Therefore, our compatible DR2400 will not affect your printing results.

4. Is the compatible Brother DR2400 Drum Unit easy to install?

Yes, the compatible Brother DR2400 drum unit is designed to be easy to install. It typically comes with detailed installation instructions, and most users should be able to install it in a matter of minutes. However, if you are not comfortable with performing the installation yourself, you may contact us to seek professional assistance.

5. Does using the compatible Brother DR2400 Drum Unit void the printer warranty?

Using the Compatible Brother DR2400 drum unit will not void the printer warranty as long as the installation is done correctly and all applicable safety regulations are followed. Additionally, it is essential to follow our recommendations to maintain your printer's warranty.