Compatible Brother TN3520 Toner Cartridges

 Page Yield: 20,000

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This product is guaranteed to work with below printers:

Brother HL

Brother MFC

Compatible Brother TN3520 Toner Cartridges Description

Exciting news awaits Brother printer users as True Image unveils its upcoming release of compatible TN3520 toner cartridges, promising an unparalleled printing experience. If you're looking for a reliable and cost-effective way to achieve high-quality prints with your Brother laser printer, True Image compatible TN3520 toner cartridges are definitely worth considering. Keep an eye out for their release in the near future and start enjoying the benefits of this exciting new printing solution.

What Are The Difference Between Brother TN3520 And Brother TN3512 Toner Replacements

1. Page Yield:

The Brother TN3520 is a higher-capacity toner cartridge that provides better value for those who print frequently. It has a larger toner reservoir and delivers more prints compared to the Brother TN3512. Additionally, the TN3520 has a higher black yield, which means it prints in black for a longer period of time before it needs to be replaced. It can print approximately 20,000 pages, 8,000 pages more than the TN3512.
On the other hand, the Brother TN3512 is a more economical choice for those who print less frequently or need to control costs. It has a smaller toner capacity and provides fewer prints compared to the TN3520. However, it is still capable of producing high-quality prints with Brother's reliable toner technology.

2. Compatibility:

The TN3520 is typically used in Brother laser printers that have a higher monthly print volume, such as the Brother HL-L6400DW, HL-L6400DWT MFC-L6900DW and MFC-L6900DWT models. These printers are used for heavy-duty printing, and the high-yield TN3520 cartridge helps to meet the high print volume requirements.
On the other hand, the Brother TN3512 is typically used in Brother laser printers that have a lower monthly print volume. They are designed for basic printing needs, and the standard-yield TN3512 cartridge is sufficient to meet the average print volume requirements. Additionally, the compatible printers of the TN3512 have a wider coverage, which means they can work with more printers.

3. Pricing:

Typically, toner cartridges with higher page yields are priced higher than those with lower page yields. The TN3520, being potentially designed for higher-volume printing with a higher page yield, might indeed be priced higher compared to the TN3512.

Why Choosing True Image Compatible Brother TN3520 Toner

1. Low Toner Wastage:

Our Brother TN3520 toner replacements have a focus on minimizing toner wastage, contributing to both cost efficiency and environmental sustainability. These compatible cartridges incorporate precision engineering to ensure that every drop of toner is utilized effectively, reducing the amount of unused toner left in the cartridge. The design also promotes consistent and reliable printing until the last page, maximizing the page yield. With this emphasis on efficiency, you can experience fewer cartridge replacements, resulting in lower overall wastage and a more eco-friendly printing solution.

2. Consistent Black-and-White Reproduction:

True Image compatible Brother TN3520 toner cartridges excel in delivering consistent black-and-white reproduction, ensuring high-quality prints with every use. In order to meet professional standards, these cartridges provide sharp, clear, and legible text on a consistent basis. Whether you're printing text documents, reports, or monochrome graphics, the TN3520 toner cartridges maintain uniformity in black-and-white output throughout their lifespan.

3. Smear-Resistant Prints:

The smear-resistant prints offered by the compatible Brother TN3520 toner cartridges ensure impeccable document quality. These cartridges prevent smudging and streaking on printed pages, even in high-speed printing environments. The advanced ink formulation adheres efficiently to various media types, delivering sharp and clear prints with each use. This feature is particularly advantageous for those people who require professional-looking documents without the inconvenience of dealing with smudged prints.

4. Extended Shelf Life:

Our compatible Brother TN3520 toner cartridges offer a notable benefit, which is their extended shelf life. These cartridges are designed to maintain their print quality and performance over an extended period, even when not in use. The advanced engineering and storage conditions contribute to preventing drying or clogging of the toner, ensuring that the cartridge remains reliable and ready for use whenever needed. This extended shelf life is particularly advantageous for users with infrequent printing needs or those who may stock up on cartridges for future use, providing peace of mind that the toner will consistently deliver high-quality prints even after an extended period of storage.

5. Low Maintenance Requirements:

The compatibility of Brother TN3520 toner cartridges ensures a low-maintenance printing experience. These cartridges require minimal upkeep, reducing interruptions in workflow. With a focus on user convenience, the design facilitates easy installation and replacement. The cartridges boast extended life, delivering a higher page yield before requiring replacement. This longevity not only contributes to cost savings but also minimizes the frequency of cartridge changes, saving both time and effort.

The Better Choice: True Image Brother TN3520 Toner Cartridges

True Image is a trusted brand known for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. With our compatible?Brother TN3520 toner cartridges, you can rest assured that you're getting a reliable and durable product that will meet your printing needs and exceed your expectations. So, make the better choice and choose True Image Brother TN3520 Toner Cartridges for your printing needs.