Compatible HP CF289A Toner Cartridges - With Chip

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Compatible HP CF289A Toner Cartridges - With Chip Description

Compatible toner cartridges have emerged as a viable alternative, giving users the opportunity to balance performance and affordability. As a company that has been in the field of compatible printer supplies for more than ten years, True Image has provided high-quality third-party products to countless printer users. One notable option is the compatible HP CF289A toner cartridge, designed to meet the printing needs of HP LaserJet Pro printers. We took an in-depth look at the features, benefits, and considerations for compatible HP CF289A toner cartridges and finally understand why they are a prominent choice for users seeking a harmonious blend of cost-efficiency and printing excellence.

Understanding the HP CF289A Toner Cartridge

The HP CF289A toner cartridge is specifically compatible with HP LaserJet Pro M528 and M507 series printers. As an integral component of the printing process, the toner cartridge plays a crucial role in translating digital data into high-quality printed documents. Our HP CF289A toner replacement mirrors the specifications of the original HP CF289A cartridge, ensuring compatibility and seamless integration into HP printers. There are some key aspects that define its functionality:

Toner Color:

The HP CF289A toner cartridge is typically designed for monochrome printing, meaning it contains black toner. It makes it suitable for producing sharp black-and-white documents, making it an ideal choice for offices, businesses, and individuals with predominantly text-based printing needs.

Page Yield:

Page yield refers to the estimated number of pages a toner cartridge can produce before needing replacement. Although the HP CF289A toner cartridge is the standard-yield version of the HP CF289X and CF289Y, it is known for its impressive page yield, offering you the ability to print a significant number of pages without compromising on print quality. The exact page yield may vary based on factors such as printing conditions and content coverage. Generally, each compatible CF289A toner cartridge can print an average of 5000 pages.

Compatible Printers:

Like genuine HP 89A, our HP CF289A toner cartridge is specifically designed for use with HP LaserJet printers. It is essential to ensure compatibility with the printer models in question. Commonly, this cartridge is compatible with:
HP LaserJet Enterprise M507x/M507n/M507dn
HP LaserJet Enterprise MFP M528dn/MFP M528f
HP LaserJet Enterprise Flow MFP M528c/MFP M528z
It is crucial for you to check your printer's model with the CF289A cartridge to ensure optimal performance.

Key Characteristics of Compatible HP CF289A Toner Cartridges

Comparable Quality and Performance:

We know that you often hesitate to switch to compatible cartridges due to concerns about print quality. However, True Image compatible HP CF289A cartridges are engineered to replicate the performance of original cartridges closely. The prints produced are indistinguishable from those generated by OEM cartridges, meeting the high standards expected in professional settings.

Our compatible HP CF289A toner cartridges promise superior quality and performance, rivaling their OEM counterparts. The CF289A cartridges meet stringent industry standards so that they can produce sharp text, crisp graphics, and consistent results with every print. The precision in toner particle size and distribution ensures professional-looking documents. You can rely on the high-quality output for different printing needs, from important business documents to detailed graphics. The compatibility of these cartridges with HP LaserJet printers enhances their performance, providing you with a cost-effective alternative without compromising on the excellence expected in professional printing environments.

Print Output:

One of the critical factors that many people consider when opting for compatible toner cartridges is how much output can be achieved. Our compatible HP CF289A toner cartridge maintains an impressive page yield. It is often comparable to or exceeds that of genuine cartridges with professional-grade print output. With a substantial output volume, these CF289A toner replacements empower businesses and individuals to produce a large number of documents before requiring replacement. Its impressive print output volume, coupled with the affordability of compatible options, makes it an ideal choice for those seeking efficiency and cost savings in their printing endeavors.


Perhaps the advantage of opting for Compatible HP CF289A Toner Cartridges is the potential for substantial cost savings. Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) cartridges often come with a premium price tag, making compatible alternatives an attractive option for budget-conscious users. Businesses with high-volume printing needs can particularly benefit from the cost-effectiveness of compatible cartridges. True Image compatible HP CF289 toner cartridges are priced competitively, giving you a cost-effective alternative without compromising print quality. Businesses and individuals can realize substantial savings in their printing expenses while enjoying reliable performance.

Easy Installation:

Installing compatible HP CF289A toner cartridges is a straightforward process that can easily be handled.
-Begin by opening the printer cover to access the existing cartridge.
-Pull the old cartridge out from the slot of you printer.
-Unpack the new compatible CF289A cartridge and shake it gently to distribute the toner evenly. -Slide the new cartridge into the designated slot until it clicks into place securely.
-Close the printer cover, and the installation is complete.
No technical expertise is required, ensuring a quick and hassle-free replacement process. This user-friendly design allows you to seamlessly integrate compatible toner cartridges into your HP printers, promoting efficiency and minimizing downtime.

Environmental Considerations:

Compatible toner cartridges contribute to environmental sustainability by promoting recycling and reducing e-waste. Many manufacturers of compatible cartridges focus on environmentally friendly practices, using recycled materials and minimizing the environmental impact of their production processes. The HP CF289A toner replacements are conducive to environmental sustainability by promoting recycling and reducing e-waste. True Image generally prioritizes environmentally friendly practices, using recycled materials in production. The commitment to sustainable development is consistent with growing global awareness of environmental issues. By choosing compatible HP toner cartridges, you will be part of the circular economy movement and foster more responsible printing. Its emphasis on environmental considerations reflects a positive shift in the printing industry, where compatibility and sustainability coexist.

Satisfaction Guarantee:

True Image provides all customers with a robust satisfaction guarantee, ensuring confidence in their purchase. Customer satisfaction guarantees are evident in the comprehensive warranty coverage accompanying each cartridge. In the rare event of any issues, responsive customer support stands ready to address concerns promptly. It underscores True Image's dedication to delivering high-quality products that meet or exceed user expectations. With a focus on customer satisfaction, the True Image HP CF289A toner cartridge instills confidence, making it a reliable choice for those seeking a dependable and worry-free printing experience.

Considerations When Choosing Compatible HP CF289A Toner Cartridges

Source and Channel:

When opting for compatible toner cartridges, it is essential to choose a reputable supplier with a history of producing high-quality products. Reviews and testimonials from other customers can provide insights into the performance and reliability of specific compatible HP CF289A toner cartridges. You can buy our printer supplies through the website and some advertising links.

Quality Assurance Certifications:

Look for cartridges that have undergone quality assurance testing and have relevant certifications. Certifications such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 indicate that the manufacturing processes meet international standards for quality management and environmental responsibility.

Printer Firmware Updates:

Some printers release firmware updates that may affect the functionality of compatible cartridges. You should be aware of potential updates and consider whether these updates may impact the performance of your chosen compatible HP CF289A toner cartridges. Staying informed about firmware updates can help users make informed decisions.

Customer Support:

Choose a supplier that offers responsive customer support to address any concerns or issues. Good customer support ensures that you have a positive experience and can quickly resolve any problems that may arise during the use of Compatible HP CF289A toner cartridges. Our professional customer service will give timely help when you encounter some problems with the products.