Compatible HP 912 Ink Cartridge K/C/Y/M

Page Yield: BK: 300; CYM: 315

Color: Black
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In stock

Compatible HP 912 Ink Cartridge K/C/Y/M Description

True Image's compatible HP 912 ink cartridges emerge as a standout choice for everyone seeking a reliable, cost-effective alternative to OEM cartridges, delivering an impressive array of features that cater to various printing needs. Each HP ink cartridge can produce approximately 315 pages, bringing an efficient printing experience!

1. Unmatched Monochrome Precision: True Image Compatible HP 912 Black Ink Cartridge

Step into a realm of unparalleled black-and-white printing precision with the True Image compatible HP 912 black ink cartridge. This toner cartridge is engineered for the sharpest monochrome prints, ensuring every line and detail is captured with remarkable clarity. With the black ink cartridge, you can elevate your text and document printing to new heights, confident in the consistent quality your printer delivers.

2. Captivating Cyan Brilliance: True Image Compatible HP 912 Cyan Ink Cartridge

Immerse yourself in the brilliance of cyan tones with our compatible HP 912 cyan ink cartridge. It is precisely engineered to replicate a stunning range of blue-green hues, which will be your gateway to lifelike color reproduction. From intricate graphics to captivating images, expect nothing less than excellence with True Image's commitment to color accuracy.

3. Luminous Yellow Radiance: True Image Compatible HP 912 Yellow Ink Cartridge

Add a touch of luminosity to your prints with the compatible HP 912 yellow ink cartridge. With striking yellow tones, this cartridge transforms your color prints, making them vibrant and attention-grabbing. Our dedication to color longevity ensures your prints maintain their brilliance over time, creating lasting impressions with every page.

4. Dynamic Magenta Precision: True Image Compatible HP 912 Magenta Ink Cartridge

Unleash the dynamism of magenta with the True Image compatible HP 912 magenta ink cartridge. Engineered for the reproduction of captivating red and purple shades, this cartridge is a vital component for achieving prints that truly stand out. Trust in True Image's meticulous attention to detail, ensuring consistently vivid magenta hues that leave a lasting impact.