HP Officejet Pro 9012 Ink Cartridge Replacements

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Compatible HP 963XL Ink Cartridge K/C/Y/M
Page Yield:  BK:2,000; CYM:1,600
£16.23 inc VAT £13.53 exc VAT
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HP 963HP 963 C
Compatible HP 963 Ink Cartridge K/C/Y/M
Page Yield:  BK:1,000; CYM:700
£12.66 inc VAT £10.55 exc VAT
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HP 963XLHP 963XL
Compatible HP 963XL Ink Cartridge Multi Pack
Page Yield:  BK:2,000; CYM:1,600
Sale priceFrom £63.12
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HP 963HP 963
Compatible HP 963 Ink Cartridge Multi Pack
Page Yield:  BK:1,000; CYM:700
Sale priceFrom £48.12
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Choosing the Right Ink Cartridges - HP Officejet Pro 9012 Ink Replacements

When it comes to replacing ink cartridges for the HP Officejet Pro 9012, making the right choice is crucial. The ink cartridges you select can significantly impact your printing costs, quality, and overall satisfaction with the printer. Here's a detailed guide to help you make an informed decision.

  • Cartridge Type: Standard vs High-Yield

True Image offers two types of ink cartridges for your HP Officejet Pro 9012: standard and high-yield. Standard cartridges, such as the HP 963 ink, are designed for average printing needs and provide a balance between cost and page yield. On the other hand, high-yield cartridges, like the HP 963XL ink, offer a significantly higher page yield, making them a cost-effective choice for high-volume printing.
Examine your printing habits while choosing between normal and high-yield cartridges. If you print frequently or in large volumes, high-yield 9012 cartridges can reduce the frequency of replacements and lower your cost per page. Conversely, if your printing needs are more modest, a standard HP 9012 ink cartridge may be a more suitable option.

  • Ink Colors: Black and White or Color 

Another important consideration is whether you need color or black-and-white ink cartridges. Color cartridges, such as cyan, magenta, and yellow, are essential for printing graphics, charts, photos, and other color documents. Black-and-white cartridges, on the other hand, are primarily used for text-based printing.
If your printing needs predominantly involve text documents, a black HP 963 ink cartridge may suffice. However, if you regularly print color documents or require high-quality color prints, investing in color cartridges is a must. Or, if your printing task involves text and images, it is recommended that you choose our HP Officejet Pro 9012 combo pack, which includes all four different ink colors.

  • Page Output: Yield and Cost

When selecting ink cartridges for your HP OfficeJet Pro 9012, a crucial consideration lies in understanding the yield – the number of pages a cartridge can efficiently print – and the associated cost per page. This assessment becomes pivotal, particularly for those engaged in high-volume printing tasks.
The standard OfficeJet Pro 9012 black ink cartridge is designed to print up to 1,000 pages, providing a reliable solution for everyday printing needs. Similarly, the standard color ink cartridges offer a yield of 700 pages. The XL black ink cartridge becomes the go-to choice for those requiring an extended print capacity, boasting an impressive yield of 2,000 pages. The large color cartridges follow suit with a substantial yield of 1,600 pages.
To calculate the cost per page, divide the price of the cartridge by its yield. It will give you a rough estimate of how much it costs to print each page using that particular cartridge. Comparing the cost per page of different cartridges can help you decide which one best fits your budget and printing needs. At True Image, the more ink cartridges you buy, the greater the discount, which means the lower the printing cost. Therefore, it is worth purchasing the HP 963XL 4-Pack.

Benefits You Will Get After Trying True Image HP Officejet Pro 9012 Ink Replacements

1. Enhanced Drying Time for High-efficiency Printing:

True Image recognizes the demand for efficiency in modern workplaces. Our HP 9012 ink replacements feature an enhanced drying time. This advantage is particularly beneficial for some people with large printing volumes or tight deadlines, ensuring that documents are ready for handling almost immediately.

2. Low Odor for a Pleasant Printing Atmosphere:

In recognition of the importance of a comfortable working environment, we incorporate low-odor ink formulations. It ensures that the printing process is not accompanied by strong or unpleasant odors, contributing to a more pleasant workplace for users who may be sensitive to such factors.

3. Innovative Package for Reduced Environmental Impact:

We extend our commitment to sustainability beyond the compatible ink cartridges. The packaging for our HP Officejet Pro 9012 ink replacements is designed with innovation and eco-friendliness in mind. Reduced packaging waste, the use of recyclable materials, and environmentally conscious practices in manufacturing contribute to a more sustainable product overall.

4. Extended Shelf Life for Long-Term Storage:

Recognizing that cartridge users may need to stock up on the extra HP ink cartridges for the HP OfficeJet Pro 9012, we ensure an extended shelf life for our products. It is especially beneficial for people with varying printing frequencies or those who need to store cartridges for an extended period. Our compatible HP 9012 ink replacements remain reliable and ready for use even after months of storage.

5. Efficient Ink Consumption for Cost Savings:

The ink formulations of these OfficeJet Pro 9012 cartridges are engineered for efficient consumption, optimizing the use of ink during the printing process. It not only contributes to a reduction in overall printing costs but also ensures that you can get the most out of each cartridge, making these consumables an economically viable choice for both occasional and frequent users.

Instructions For Installing Our Compatible HP Officejet Pro 9012 Ink Cartridges

Installing ink cartridges for the HP Officejet Pro 9012 is a straightforward process. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Power On the Printer: Ensure that the printer is turned on and in a ready state.
  • Open the Cartridge Access Door: Locate the cartridge access door on the front of the printer and gently pull it open.
  • Remove the Old Cartridges: Once the door is open, you will see the ink cartridges seated in their respective slots. Carefully remove the old cartridges by gripping them firmly and pulling them out.
  • Unpack the New Cartridges: Remove the new cartridges from their packaging and ensure that any dirty or oily surfaces do not touch them as this may affect print quality.
  • Insert the New Cartridges: Gently insert the new cartridges into their respective slots, ensuring that they are firmly seated.
  • Close the Cartridge Access Door: Once the cartridges are inserted, close the cartridge access door securely.
  • Print a Test Page: Printing a test page to check for any issues or inconsistencies in print quality is recommended.

The Tips To Maintain Your Print Quality Of HP Officejet Pro 9012

To ensure consistent and high-quality prints, it is essential to maintain the printer and ink cartridges properly. Here are some tips:

  • Regularly Clean the Printheads: Printheads can become clogged with ink residue, affecting print quality. Regularly cleaning the printheads can help prevent this issue. Most modern printers, including the HP Officejet Pro 9012, have a built-in printhead cleaning feature that can be accessed through the printer's software or control panel.
  • Store Cartridges Properly: When not in use, store ink cartridges in a cool, dry place. Exposure to extreme temperatures or humidity can affect the ink quality and shelf life.
  • Monitor Ink Levels: Regularly checking ink levels can help avoid running out of ink mid-print. Most printers, including the HP Officejet Pro 9012, have a feature that displays ink levels on the control panel or through the printer's software.