How to set up Canon Printer?

Before using the Canon printer, you must complete some necessary preparations. The steps below for basic setup will ensure your printer prints at the highest quality.

How To Set Up Canon Printer?

You must make some basic settings for the first time you use your Canon printer. These settings include aided language display, time and date, security, and wireless domain settings.

1. Set Display Language And Country Or Region

  • Open the printer's settings screen.
  • Select the Display Language option and choose a language you know from the list.
  • Select the Country or Region option and choose your region from the list.

2. Set Time And Date

On the Settings screen, find the "Date and Time" option. Select the correct date and time settings for your time zone.

3. Set Up Security

You must set up access rights and a password to secure the printer.
1. On the Setup screen, select the Security option.
2. Create or set a strong password and keep it secure.
3. Enable other security features such as firewall and encrypted communication.

4. Set Up Wireless LAN

1. In the Settings screen, select the "Wireless Network" option and select "Yes".
2. Search for and select your wireless network name (SSID).
3. Enter the password of your wireless network, and then select "Apply" and "Yes".
When you're done setting up, the home screen will appear.

5. Set Up Network Environment

When connecting the Canon printer to a wired or wireless local area network (LAN), you must set an IP address unique to the selected network. Select "wired" or "wireless" depending on your communication environment and networking devices. Contact your Internet service provider or Network Administrator for specific IP address settings.
If the Canon printer is connected to an unsecured network, your personal information might be leaked to a third party.


1. The Canon printer cannot connect to both wired and wireless lan at the same time.
2. The Canon printer does not have a LAN cable or router. Have them ready as necessary.
3. For more information about your networking devices, see the Canon manual instructions or contact your manufacturer.

Computer Set Up

In addition to the settings required on the printer, some settings also need to be made on the computer to ensure smooth printing.


1. Make sure that the computer is correctly connected to the network. For more information, see the instruction manuals for the devices you are using or contact the device manufacturers.
2. Ensure the network settings have been completed on the computer. If the network has not been set up properly, you cannot use the Canon on the network, even if you perform the rest of the procedure below.

 Set The IP Address As Necessary

The Canon printer is set to acquire an IP address at the time of purchase automatically. Change this setting if you want to use a specific IP address.

1. Confirm That Proper Connection Is Completed.

Connecting the Canon printer to a network requires a unique IP address. Two versions of IP addresses are available: IPv4 and IPv6. Configure these settings depending on the network environment. To use IPv6 addresses, you need to configure the IPv4 address settings properly.

2. Setting IPV4 Address

Taking the Canon i-sensys LBP633cdw printer as an example, its IPv4 address can be either assessed automatically by a dynamic IP addressing protocol, such as DHCP, or entered manually.

When connecting the machine to a wired LAN, make sure that the connectors of the LAN cable are firmly inserted into the ports. You can test the network connection if necessary. Here are the setup steps:
1. Select “Menu” on the Home screen.
2. Select “Preferences”,” Network”
If the login screen appears, enter the correct ID and PIN. 
3. Select “TCP/IP Settings”, “IPv4 Settings”, and “IP Address Settings”.
4. Configure IP address settings.

Auto Acquire

Select to assign an IP address via DHCP protocol automatically. When "On" is displayed, automatic addressing is enabled.

Manually Acquire

Select to configure the IP address settings by manually entering an IP address. The automatic acquirement must be set to "Off" to select this option..

3. Setting IPV6 Address

The IPv6 addresses of the Canon printer can be configured via the Remote Ul. Before setting IPv6 addresses, check the IPv4 address settings. You need to set the correct IPv4 settings to use IPv6 addresses. The machine can use the following multiple IPv6 addresses:
Link-local address
Manual address
Stateless address
Stateful address

1. Start the Remote UI and log in to System Manager Mode.
2. Click "Settings/Registration" on the Portal page. 
3. Select "Network Settings" and then "IPv6 Settings".
4. Click "Edit".
5. Select the "Use IPv6" check box and configure the required settings.

Canon Printer Driver Download

Make The Necessary Preparation Before Proceeding With The Installation.
Install the various drivers and associated software on your computer.
Install the drivers and software from the included CD-ROM/DVD-ROM, or download them from the Canon official website for your access via the URL below.

Choose Good Quality Canon Printer Toner Cartridges

The toner cartridge of a printer is one of its core components and plays a vital role in the quality and effectiveness of printing. Therefore, choosing a good quality toner cartridge is crucial.

You can choose the trusted True Image toner cartridges when buying a toner cartridge. You will get a high-quality and premium performance toner cartridge at True Image. For example, the Canon 067 toner cartridge for Canon i-sensys LBP633cdw printers is very cost-effective. It has a long lifespan, so you can use it for a long time without replacing it frequently, saving you a lot of money.

In addition, to maintain optimal printer performance and printing results, it is recommended that the toner cartridge be replaced and maintained regularly. Follow proper installation and usage practices based on the toner cartridge's usage and manufacturer's recommendations. This will ensure that you continue to get high-quality printouts and extend the life of your printer.


After completing the above preparation and settings, your Canon printer will be in optimal condition, whether for home or office use, the Canon printer will become a handy assistant for all your printing needs. Provide you with a high-quality printing experience.

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