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Struggling with your HP printer's toner chip? You are not alone. Many HP users face issues with toner chips, which can prevent printers from recognizing new or refilled HP toner cartridges. Resetting the toner chip is a handy solution to ensure smooth printing without unnecessary interruptions. In this blog, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of resetting your HP toner chip, saving you time and money. Whether you are dealing with a "toner low" message or want to reuse a cartridge, our easy-to-follow instructions will help you get your printer back in action.

What Is The HP Toner Chip

Some HP toner cartridges, like these popular toner cartridge models: HP 415A/X, HP 207A/X, and HP 220A/X, contain an intelligent chip that assists in the operation of your printing process. In addition, this intelligent chip collects a lot of information about the usage of your HP toner cartridges, which might include the following:

  • The specific dates when the toner cartridge was first installed and last used
  • The number of pages printed using the toner cartridge
  • Toner or ink levels
  • Printing modes used
  • Compatible printer models

Toner chips are often located on either side of the HP toner cartridge, so you can easily find them. When you install an HP toner cartridge with a chip into your printer, the smart chip starts to work. It will communicate with the HP LaserJet printer, and the printer also recognizes the toner smart chip to keep track of the supplies and levels in your current toner cartridge.

Why Do I Need To Reset My HP Toner Chip

The Main Reason To Reset the HP Chip: 

  • Recognition of Refilled Cartridges: HP toner chips track toner levels by counting printed pages or ink droplets of the printer. These chips are set to issue a warning and stop printing after a certain amount of use. If you refill your HP toner cartridge but the chip doesn't reset, it will still show that the cartridge is empty and won't print. Therefore, it is necessary to reset the HP toner chip to update its status, allowing the printer to recognize and use the refilled cartridge.

Some Other Reasons To Reset the HP Chip:

  • Cost Savings: Purchasing new and original toner cartridges can be expensive. Resetting the chip lets you use refilled or third-party HP toner cartridges, significantly reducing printing costs.
  • Avoiding Printer Errors: Sometimes, even new cartridges can have chip issues that prevent the firmware-updated printer from recognizing them. Resetting the chip can resolve these errors and ensure smooth printing operations.
  • Maximizing Cartridge Usage: The chip may inaccurately report toner levels, causing the printer to stop using the cartridge prematurely. Resetting the HP toner chip ensures you can use every bit of toner in the cartridge, maximizing its lifespan and efficiency.
  • Compatibility with Aftermarket Products: Many compatible toner cartridges, such as True Image, come with aftermarket chips that may not always be compatible with your printer. Resetting the chip can help the printer accept these more affordable alternatives.

How To Reset HP Toner Chip

  • Reset On HP Printer:

Once you have refilled the HP toner cartridge you want to use, please install it on the compatible printer, and you can do the following:

  1. Turn off your HP printer completely. The reset process won't work if the power is on.
  2. Press and hold the green button while turning the printer back on. Wait for the lights to flash and then turn off. After a few seconds, the attention light will turn on, followed by the ready light and the green light. Keep holding the green button until the ready and attention lights go off.
  3. While holding the green button, press and rotate the toner button until the lights flash again. Release both buttons simultaneously.
  4. Press the red or cancel button repeatedly until all lights turn off.
  5. Open and close the printer lid once to make the light blink.
  6. Press the green button to complete the reset process.
    chip resetter

    If your printer still does not work after taking the above steps we gave you, it is recommended that you purchase a chip resetter designed for your HP toner cartridge. Try to follow:

    1. Place the HP cartridge upright on a flat surface with the release points facing up.
    2. Hold the resetter upright with its LED lights facing up.
    3. Ensure all pins of the resetter are pressed in, or press the button if your model has one.
    4. Keep pressing until the LED turns green or you hear a beep, indicating the reset is complete (about 5 seconds).
    5. Reinstall the cartridge in the printer and start normal printing.
      • Reset With Compatible Chips

      If your HP toner cartridge is empty and you don't want to refill it, buy a more affordable compatible toner cartridge instead. At this time, you may encounter the problem that the compatible toner cartridge is not recognized by the printer and cannot print. How to deal with it? We take the HP W1106A toner cartridge as an example to show the operation.

      1. Prepare a compatible chip and a used original HP chip.
      2. Remove the release liner from the double-sided tape on the compatible chip
      3. Place the original chip with its contacts facing up and stick the compatible chip to the edge of the original chip.
      4. Bend the wire of the compatible chip along the gap above the original chip, then stick the compatible chip to the back of the original chip.
      5. Insert the reset chip into a compatible cartridge or an original cartridge according to your need.

        If you find the text too difficult to understand, we provide you with a clear video that you can follow step by step to solve your problems.

        Cartridge guide

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