Brother TN243 VS Brother TN247
The decision between Brother TN243 and TN247 toner cartridges depends on your specific needs and usage patterns. Here's a breakdown to help you determine which one is more worth buying for your situation:

1. Volume of Printing:

  • TN243: Brother TN243CMYK toner cartridges print 1,000 pages per cartridge. If you have light to moderate printing needs, TN243 is an ideal choice with a standard page yield.
  • TN247: Brother TN247BK black toner cartridge prints 3,000 pages, and TN243C/M/Y color toner cartridges print 2,300 pages each. With higher page yields, TN247CMYK requires less frequent cartridge replacements, contributing to increased efficiency and reduced downtime. If you have a higher volume of printing and frequently print large documents, TN247 may be a better choice.

2. Budget Consideration:

  • TN243: Generally more budget-friendly upfront, making it a suitable option for those who want to keep initial costs down.
  • TN247: While it may have a slightly higher upfront cost, the lower cost per page can make it more economical for users with frequent and larger volume printing needs.

3. Long-Term Cost Analysis:

  • TN243: While more budget-friendly upfront, the potential increased frequency of replacements may impact the long-term cost efficiency.
  • TN247: Despite a higher initial cost, the extended page yield and less frequent replacements may contribute to better overall cost efficiency, especially for users with consistent, high-volume printing needs.Take Brother TN-247 as an example.

Take Genuine Brother TN-243 and TN-247 as an example. Brother official website sells TN-243CMYK (four pack) at £189.59 Inc. VAT. Four cartridges are expected to print up to 4,000 pages in total. Therefore, the cost per page (CPP) printed is 4.74 pennies. And Brother sells TN-247CMYK (four cartridges) at $386.36 Inc. VAT. Four cartridges are expected to print up to 9,900 pages in total. Therefore, the cost per page printed is 3.90 pennies. Obviously, Brother TN247's lower CPP makes it a more cost-effective choice in the long term. Similarly, True Image TN-247CMYK also has a lower cost per page than TN-243CMYK, making long-term printing more cost-effective.

TN243 vs TN247: CPP Comparison
Brother 4.74 Pennies 3.90 Pennies
True Image 1.99 Pennies 1.01 Pennies

 From the table above, you can clearly see the CPP difference between TN243CMYK and TN247CMYK. At the same time, you will also notice that the CPP of True Image toner cartridges is much lower than that of genuine Brother toner cartridges. This means using True Image compatible Brother toner cartridges can help you save more than 74% on every page printed. Shop with True Image today and take advantage of huge savings!

4. Environmental Impact:

  • TN243: Higher replacement frequency may result in more cartridge disposals, potentially impacting the environment. Consider the environmental footprint of more frequent cartridge changes.
  • TN247: Longer intervals between replacements may reduce the overall environmental impact, as there are fewer cartridges to dispose of over time.

In conclusion, TN247CMYK is more worth buying because it offers higher page yields, reduced environmental impact, and lower cost per page printed. However, if you have light to moderate printing needs, TN243CMYK is also a budget-friendly option. Consider your budget, the volume of printing, and the long-term cost when making your decision. Finally, both TN243 and TN247 work with the same printer models, so they are interchangeable. Whichever you choose, your printer will accept them.

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