Are you torn between choosing the Brother TN248, Brother TN248XL, and TN249 toner cartridges for your Brother printer? As three of the most popular options in the market, these Brother toner cartridges promise high-quality prints and impressive performance. But which one truly stands out? Read on to discover which toner cartridge is the perfect fit for your needs!

Brother TN248

Compatible Brother TN248 Toner Set 4-Pack

Sale Price: £129.95

Brother TN248XL

Compatible Brother TN248XL Toner Set 4-Pack

Sale Price: £159.95

Brother TN249

Compatible Brother TN249 Toner Set 4-Pack

Sale Price: £199.95

Quick Overview

Toner Models

Capacity Version

Page Yields

Selling Prices

Cost per Page (Each)

Brother TN248

Standard Yield

BK: 1,000
C/Y/M: 1,000

BK: £59.17
C/Y/M: £64.56

BK: 5.92 Pennies
C/Y/M: 6.46 Pennies

Brother TN248XL

High Yield

BK: 3,000
C/Y/M: 2,300

BK: £101.24
C/Y/M: £117.28

BK: 3.37 Pennies
C/Y/M: 5.10 Pennies

Brother TN249

Ultra High Yield

BK: 4,500
C/Y/M: 4,000

BK: £120.31
C/Y/M: £188.59

BK: 2.67 Pennies
C/Y/M: 4.72 Pennies

Please Note: The Selling Prices are from Brother official website and may fluctuate over time.

The figures in the table illustrate a clear progression in page yields, selling prices, and cost per page across the Brother TN248, TN248XL, and TN249 toner cartridges. You can see that as the cartridge capacity increases, so does page yield and upfront cost. However, this investment pays off with significantly lower cost per page, making high-capacity cartridges like the TN249 the most cost-effective choice for people with frequent printing needs. Therefore, does it mean that Brother TN249 is the best among the three? It is too one-sided to decide based on this table.

Brother TN248 vs TN248XL vs TN249: Same Points

Given that Brother TN248, TN248XL, and TN249 toner cartridges are from the same series of Brother products, they share numerous similarities:

  • Design and Form Factor: These Brother toner cartridges likely have a similar physical design and form factor. They are engineered to fit seamlessly into compatible Brother laser printers without any modifications.
  • OEM Quality Assurance: Genuine Brother maintains stringent quality control measures across its product line. Therefore, all three cartridges are likely subjected to the same quality assurance processes to ensure consistent quality prints.
  • Color Range: All three Brother toner cartridges are likely available in the same color range, which typically includes the standard colors used in color laser printing: Black (K), Cyan (C), Magenta (M), and Yellow (Y).

Brother TN248 vs TN248XL vs TN249: Different Points

1. Page Yield:

The most obvious difference between the Brother TN248, TN248XL, and TN249 toner cartridges is their page yields. It would be more intuitive to compare their four-color toner sets together. The TN248CMYK offers a standard yield, typically around 4,000 pages in total, making it suitable for people with moderate printing needs. In contrast, the TN248XLCMYK is a high-yield variant designed to print significantly more pages, usually around 9,900 pages in total, which is ideal for people with high-volume printing demands. The TN249CMYK is super high-capacity toner set that can achieve an output of 16,500 pages in total.

2. Long-Term Cost:

Since the total page yield is different, that will lead to different CPP(cost per page). Based on the published prices of genuine Brother, here is a clear comparison to show the long-term cost of TN248, TN248XL, and TN249. We can see that the most expensive TN249 actually shows the lowest CPP. So actually, Brother TN249 toner cartridge is the most cost-effective option. Meanwhile, we also compare the compatible Brother TN248 series toner cartridges from True Image, and the results also show that TN249 is more worth buying.


Brother TN248

Brother TN248XL

Brother TN249


4.44 Pennies

3.22 Pennies

2.81 Pennies

True Image

2.89 Pennies

1.62 Pennies

1.21 Pennies

For a smarter approach to saving on printing expenses and factoring in long-term costs, it is highly recommended to choose compatible Brother toner cartridges for your Brother printer. Brands like True Image offer a fantastic balance of affordability and quality, ensuring you get optimal performance without breaking the bank. Visit it now and enjoy further service.

3. Usage:

  • Brother TN248 Toners: Best for occasional printing tasks like letters and reports, striking a balance between cost and usage frequency.
  • Brother TN248XL Toners: Suited for frequent printing needs in offices, reducing cartridge replacements and costs with its high page yield.
  • Brother TN249 Toners: Ideal for extensive printing demands, offering the lowest long-term cost per page and minimal maintenance due to its super high capacity.

4. Printer Compatibility:

In our understanding, toner cartridges from the same series should be suitable for the same printers. However, there is one thing you need to remember: Brother TN248 and TN248XL are compatible for the same Brother printers, but Brother TN249 can only work with part of the printers of TN248(XL).

Compatible Printer Model List

Brother TN248/TN248XL

Brother DCP-L3520CDW/DCP-L3560CDW

Brother HL-L3220CW/HL-L3240CDW/HL-L8230CDW/ HL-L8240CDW

Brother MFC-L3740CDW/MFC-L3760CDW/MFC-L8340CDW/MFC-L8390CDW

Brother TN249

Brother HL-L8230CDW/HL-L8240CDW

Brother MFC-L8340CDW/MFC-L8390CDW

Brother TN248 vs TN248XL vs TN249: No Winner or Loser

Brother TN248, TN248XL, and TN249 toner cartridges all perform equally well in their usage scenarios. The choice among them depends on your specific printing requirements and budget constraints. The TN248 suits occasional printing, TN248XL addresses frequent printing demands, while TN249 is optimal for extensive printing, offering the lowest long-term cost per page. Each cartridge provides a balance between upfront cost and usage frequency, so no matter which one you choose, your printer will deliver high-quality results beyond your expectations.

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