Choosing the right toner for your Brother printer can feel like a big decision. If you have been eyeing the Brother TN2510 and TN2510XL, you might be wondering which one is the better pick. Welcome to the ultimate toner showdown! We are here to break down everything you need to know about these two popular options. In this guide, we will compare their overall performance to help you decide which toner is the perfect fit for your printing needs.

 Brother TN2510Compatible Brother TN2510 Toner Cartridge

Sales Price: £29.95 inc VAT

 Brother TN2510XLCompatible Brother TN2510XL Toner Cartridge

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Brief Introduction

When it comes to selecting the right toner cartridge for your Brother printer, understanding the specifications of each option is crucial. The 2510 toner cartridges received significant attention from the market as soon as it was launched. Let's take a closer look at their specifications to help you make an informed decision.

Toner Cartridges

Color Options

Yields Versions

Print Output


Cost Per Page

Brother TN2510

Only Black


1,200 Pages


4.35 Pennies

Brother TN2510XL

Only Black


3,000 Pages


3.10 Pennies

Please note that prices and cost per page may vary depending on many factors.

According to the data from Brother official website in the table above, we can get some clues. Both cartridges are available only in black but differ in page yields and prices. While the TN2510 initially seems more affordable in selling price, its standard-yield capacity may result in frequent replacements, increasing long-term costs. In contrast, the TN2510XL, with its higher initial price but significantly lower cost per page, reduces downtime associated with cartridge changes. Both options have their pros and cons. Therefore, it is too early to decide between them, and some comparisons are still needed.

Brother TN2510 VS Brother TN2510XL: Similarity

  • Physical Dimensions: Both the TN2510 and TN2510XL have identical dimensions and construction materials, ensuring they fit the same printer models without any issues. The size and shape of the two cartridges are designed to be interchangeable.
  • Drum Unit Compatibility: They are compatible with the same drum unit (e.g., Brother DR-2510). It means that you do not need to change the drum unit when switching between these TN2510 series toner cartridges.
  • Manufacturing Standards: The two Brother toner cartridges are produced under the stringent quality control standards by Brother. The toner powder in both cartridges shares the same chemical formulation, guaranteeing uniform print quality, paper adhesion, and durability. 
  • Yield Estimation Method: While the TN2510 is a standard yield cartridge and the TN2510XL is a high-yield cartridge, both use the same method for estimating page yield, typically based on ISO/IEC 19752 standards. It ensures a consistent measure of page output.
  • Compatible Printer Models: Toner cartridges from the same series are compatible with the same range of printer models. You will enjoy the flexibility in managing your printing needs without issues, whether you require the higher yield of TN2510XL or the standard capacity of TN2510. Therefore, we have provided a complete printer list for your reference.

Compatible Printer Models of Brother TN2510 and TN2510XL

Brother DCP Series


Brother HL Series


Brother MFC Series


Brother TN2510 VS Brother TN2510XL: Difference

1. Page Yield Disparity: Quantity Matters

The primary disparity between the Brother TN2510 and TN2510XL toner cartridges lies in their page yield. We have discussed this point in the previous section. Individually, the “XL” cartridge outperforms its standard counterpart by providing significantly more printed pages before requiring replacement. However, for people seeking even greater value and convenience, some retailers offer multi-pack options comprising more cartridges, like True Image. Not only can you find the single option but also 2-pack, 4-pack, and more. By investing in these combo packs, you will leverage the accumulative pages at 5% coverage, maximizing your output potential while minimizing overall printing costs.

2. Cost Analysis: Balancing Investment and Savings

When evaluating the cost implications of Brother TN2510 and TN2510XL toner cartridges, it is essential to consider both the upfront investment and the long-term savings. There is a comparison of the 2510 series from True Image and Brother to get a deeper understanding of their value and cost.

OEM vs. Compatible: CPP Comparison


Brother TN2510 (1 pk)

Brother TN2510XL (1 pk)


4.35 Pennies

3.10 Pennies

True Image

2.50 Pennies

1.30 Pennies

In comparing the cost per page (CPP) between OEM and compatible toner cartridges for Brother printers, significant differences emerge. These results highlight the considerable savings potential with compatible ones. While the original Brother may offer reliability, compatible options like True Image also deliver comparable quality at a fraction of the cost. Then, we compare several pack options from True Image to calculate the savings.

Different Pack Options: CPP Comparison

Toner Models




Brother TN2510

2.50 Pennies

2.48 Pennies

2.42 Pennies

Brother TN2510XL

1.30 Pennies

1.27 Pennies

1.25 Pennies

We can see that with larger pack sizes, the costs decrease, indicating potential savings with bulk purchases. The Brother TN2510XL 4-pack option offers the lowest CPP, providing the most economical choice. Although you have to pay the most when you buy the big guy, it is the best value when you amortize it.

3. Usage Scenarios: Tailoring to Printing Needs

  • Brother TN2510: Suits personal or small office environments, offering reliable performance for moderate printing demands. Its balanced page yield and affordability make it ideal for occasional printing tasks like reports or personal documents.
  • Brother TN2510XL: Works in bustling offices or commercial settings with high-volume printing needs. Its extra-large capacity ensures uninterrupted workflow by reducing the need for frequent cartridge changes.

Reveal The Final Results

In the showdown between the Brother TN2510 and TN2510XL, the TN2510XL emerges as the clear winner. With its higher page yield and superior cost-efficiency, it is the perfect choice for those seeking long-term value and reliability. Moreover, for those seeking even more savings, high-quality compatible versions are also practicable.

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