Compatible Canon 055H Toner Cartridge-4 Packs

Page Yield: BK: 7,600; CYM: 5,900

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£172.29 exc VAT
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Compatible Canon 055H Toner Cartridge-4 Packs Description

The Advantages Of Canon 055H Toner Cartridge

High Quality

Canon 055H compatible toner uses high-quality raw materials. It can print clear text and images. Not only that, we have the strength of chip research and development. Canon printers can accurately and quickly recognize the self-developed chip, making printing smoother and stabler.

Low Price

For many users, price is an important consideration. Therefore, we are committed to providing high-quality products while upgrading our technology to reduce costs. You can save a lot of money by buying Canon 055H compatible toner. We believe that a cost-effective toner cartridge will be your smartest choice!

Good Versatility

Canon 055H toner cartridge is suitable for multiple?printer?models, such as Canon i-SENSYS LBP664Cx, LBP663Cdw, MF746Cx, MF744Cdw, MF742Cdw. This prevents you from spending much time and money searching for toner cartridges to fit different printers. You can enjoy better products for less money. The compatible Canon 055H toner cartridge 4-pack is worth your attention if you want a value-for-money toner cartridge.

Nice Packaging

Design Good-looking packaging is also part of the value of the Canon 055H cartridge. It is beautifully packaged and designed to be compact and portable. The user's convenience is fully taken into account. You have also purchased it many times because of the face value of the packaging.

Good Compatibility

You don't have to worry about not being able to use it when you buy the Canon 055H toner cartridge. We can guarantee that Canon 055H compatible toner cartridges fit your Canon printers as perfectly as the original ones. It will not damage your printer, and it won't void your printer warranty either. You can buy with confidence and peace of mind. You can buy with confidence and peace of mind.

Perfect Service

Our branch construction covers a wide range of areas. We will provide you with a full range of services wherever you are in the world, which can deliver goods to customers within 3 days after placing orders locally. In addition, by buying compatible Canon 055H toner cartridges over 30 or more, you will enjoy free shipping to your door.

How To Install The Compatible Canon 055H Toner Cartridge?

Toner cartridge replacements are very easy. The compatible Canon 055H toner cartridge is designed with user-friendliness in mind. Even amid a busy work schedule, you can install it easily. There are a couple of steps:

Step 1: Remove the toner cartridge and shake it from side to side.

Step 2: Peel off the protective paper from the toner cartridge.

Step 3: Pull the clear seal out with force.

Step 4: Load along the slide and press to the end of the click sound,

Difference Between Canon 055H 4 Packs And Canon 055 4 Packs

Canon 055 4 packs and Canon 055H 4 packs are color toner cartridge sets. They come in four colors as well: black, cyan, magenta, and yellow. But they don't have the exact page yield. The Canon 055H toner cartridge set has a high capacity and more pages than the Canon 055 toner set cartridge. Canon 055H black has a page yield of up to 7,600 pages. Canon 055H cyan, magenta, and yellow have 5,900 pages. Suppose you're just using it for personal or for a small business that doesn't have a lot of printing needs. You can buy the Canon 055 toner set. It's cheaper. If your needs are significant, we recommend buying the Canon 055H toner set. Because in the long run, the Canon 055H single-page costs are lower. You can choose according to your needs, which indicates a successful installation.

How To Use The Canon 055H Toner Cartridge Correctly?

1. Before using the Canon 055H toner cartridge, please check whether there is powder leakage or dust and paper in the printer. If so, please clean the printer first.

2. Pull off the sealing strip before loading the machine. Roll and shake the toner horizontally before pulling the sealing strip.

3. Avoid using and storing the toner cartridge in high temperature, high humidity, and high cold environments.

4. Ensure the toner cartridge is far from the monitor, hard disk drive, or other magnetic materials.

5. Do not remove the toner cartridge without powering down the machine.

6. Please do not open the toner cartridge cover and prohibit touching it with your hands or hard things. Finally, by choosing the Canon 055H toner set cartridge toner, you will get great value for money and excellent service. Whether you are an individual or a business user, we are dedicated to providing you with the best quality products and services. Please feel free to choose compatible Canon 055H toner cartridge-4 packs.