Compatible Canon 057 Toner Cartridges With Chip

Page Yield: 3,100

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Compatible Canon 057 Toner Cartridges With Chip Description


The quality of the toner cartridge directly affects the printing results. Our compatible Canon 057 cartridge product uses high-quality materials and parts. It ensures the print quality is optimal. For example, it can maintain stable working conditions for a long time and ensure the printed text and image are clear and visible. In addition, our Canon 057 toner cartridge is of excellent quality and is available at a favorable price. We are committed to providing every user with the cost-effective products to make your buying worthwhile. Choosing our 057 cartridge improves print quality and brings more convenience to your work and life!

High Capacity

Our Canon 057 toner compatible cartridge is a high-capacity toner cartridge. It can satisfy the user's demand to use it for a long time. The Canon 057 black toner cartridges have page yields of up to 3,100 pages. If your documents are printed on 5% page coverage, our 057 black cartridge will keep printing 3,100 pages. The toner will last longer if the page coverage is less than 5%.

Good Compatibility

Our Canon 057 toner compatible cartridges have won the favor of many users for their excellent compatibility. Not only can the Canon 057 cartridge adapt to various original Canon printer models such as i-SENSYS LBP223dw, LBP226dw, MF443dw, MF453dw, LBP236dw, and MF445dw. At the same time, each Canon 057 black toner cartridge is equipped with the latest chip, which helps your Canon printers to be easily recognized. This saves you a lot of hassle and money.

Frequent Asked Questions About Canon 057 Toner Cartridge

What To Do With The Used Canon 057 Toner Cartridge?

Recycling the used Canon original ink and toner cartridge is a very beneficial way. It can reduce pollution and waste of resources. There are two ways to recycle the original Canon waste toner cartridge. One is to recycle through Canon's official website, where users can fill out a recycling application and mail the waste cartridges back to Canon. The other way is to recycle through Canon's authorized recycling points, where users can give the waste cartridges to the staff for recycling. There is no recycling for our compatible toner cartridges, you can choose to send them for disposal in some recycling stations or eco-friendly stations that specialize in hazardous waste products.

How Do You Install The Canon 057 Toner Cartridge Compatible?

The Canon 057 toner cartridge replacement is very easy. It is a complete product, and you don't need to configure chips or other parts, which makes installation very simple. There are general steps for installation:
1. Step 1: Open the front cover of the Canon laser printers.
2. Step 2: Pull out the cartridge tray and remove the used cartridge.
3. Step 3: Insert a new compatible Canon 057 toner cartridge.
4. Step 4: Close the Canon printer front cover.
5. Step 5: Wait a few seconds, and you can start printing.
If you still have questions about the installation, you can check the user manual or the video on our website, or you can call us directly, and we will guide you on the phone.

What's The Difference Between Canon 057H Toner Cartridge And Canon Cartridge 057?

The Canon 057H black toner cartridge is a plus size of the Canon 057 black toner cartridge. It has a higher capacity of up to 10,000 pages, which can meet various printing needs. If you use the cartridge for large print jobs, we recommend purchasing the Canon 057H toner cartridges. Because of its long service life, you do not have to replace the toner cartridge frequently, and it reduces a lot of trouble for you. You can click the related product detail page if you have other printing needs, such as color printing. We have a wide range of toner cartridges for you to choose from.

What Can I Do If My Printer Won't Print After Replacing The Canon 057 Toner Cartridge?

If the printer cannot print after replacing the toner cartridge, here are some possible solutions:
1. Check if the toner cartridge is installed correctly. Make sure the toner cartridge is firmly installed and not loose.
2. Check the compatibility of the toner cartridge. Make sure that the 057 cartridge is compatible with your printer model.
3. Check if the printer is properly connected. Make sure your printer is properly connected to your computer or mobile device.
4. Clean the printer. Sometimes, dust or paper dust in the printer may affect the print quality. You can try to clean the printer to solve the problem. Remember not to rub it with your hands or blow it with your mouth. The right thing to do is gently sweep it down with a small, clean brush.
5. Update the printer driver. If a driver update is available for your printer, it should be updated as soon as possible. The updated driver may fix some known printing problems.
If all the above solutions have been tried and the problem persists, you can contact us or a repair center for professional help.